Tiberian Graveyards - Credits



This is for all of you out there who are not listed in the staff section, but still played a part in the shaping of TD:E.


Xaran Alamas: the third in the triumvate of founders, and an excellent former modder, is the creator of many of the ideas and units/buildings that everything else is based off of. Also talented in the fields of voxel creating and image editing, Xaran (then known as Chrono Loony) far surpassed myself, and still does, in talent. Unfortunately, his retirement helped (not caused, for all of you doubters out there), the long period of recession in the mod. Now that we are back, he declined to be back on the team, quoting many reasons, most of which were good, so this is for you Xaran.


Chronosfera: Yours was not an overt assistance, but it was assistance nonetheless. Knowing that you had been there, done that helped me out of many a sticky situation. Also, (though I shouldn't have), I occasionally used your work in Nemesis as a reference as to what could and couldn't be done.


Blade: You were among, if not, the first to work with Tiberian Sun, and you paved the way for many others out there, even adding artwork to the community. Your creations still remain in use today, in many mods spanning Tiberian Sun to Yuri's Revenge.


For all of you other people who helped, and are not mentioned here, whine and complain to me by Private Message or email.