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Tiberian Dusk:Evolution is a Partial Conversion mod for the game Command And Conquer - Tiberian Sun: Firestorm.


TD:E , from what I can remember, started on approximately 19/05/02, I think. Anyway, it got off to a rocky start. It was my first ever try at modding, and I was pretty crap at it. However, at that time I thought it was good, so I joined a forum. Deezire Online Forums was different back then, for one thing there were a lot less n00bs (no offence Dee and anyone who likes Deezire forums, but there is just so many n00bs on Deezires that I have all but given up on anything worthwhile coming from there, apart from the Deezire mods of course). 


Anyway, I posted a thread about it (sadly lost when Dee converted to VB), and that is where I was first contacted by Chantillas (then Wisdomius), and Xaran Alamas (Chrono Loony). Accepting them both was the best thing that happened to me. However, at that time, although I had grand plans, I had no idea how much work all of it would entail.


A few weeks later, I was beginning to realise that this was no task for a beginner, but I persisted, mostly out of sheer bloody-minded stubbornness. I got a forum of Sleipnir64 of Sleipnir's Stuff (Thanks Sleipnir64!) and TD:E started to move forward. We picked up a few more staff members (Loknar, Cyborg88, Xanatos) and started to flesh everything out. However, I fear that we were going too fast, since everything was going wrong, and nothing was getting done. None of us were really working much on it, and it was slowly dieing. 


At about that time I tried to get a hosting at Federation Studios. I was knocked back at first, since my site was not very good. Thanks to Beast Of Blight, I got a new layout, and was accepted. However, things kept on going wrong, and I never did get into Fednet. Finally I thought we were going to be put up, then I am sure everyone knows what happened next. Yup, that's when Fednet closed, which as you can understand was a bit disappointing. But, I don't hold grudges, and although it is a pity that Federation Studios re-opened, just to be closed again, I bear no ill will towards Marshalus, or any of his underlings.


That's when TD:E went offline. Most likely a lot of you thought that it was gone for good, but I still had everything, backed away for when we finally had a hosting. Then, I applied to Turn-A Gamer for hosting, and got accepted! Well, I now had a forum, that wasn't open, and a site that wasn't there. So, I got a layout off of the talented Stealth, and finally Tiberian Dusk:Evolution is back in business!


Well, and we though that that was going to be the end chapter to this information page, didn't we? Well, we were wrong. Stardust-Studios ended up closing down, and we were left homeless yet again (seems like it is the continuing story of the TDE life...). Offers were made by a few forums and other sites, but no place had what we really wanted: a forum and site in one, and people that we knew and respected. Then, CNCGuild came up. Now, thanks to our benefactors, we are finally working yet again.


We've been through a lot, it seems, going from a simple little thread in Deezire, to a site and a forum to call our own (well, kinda)


==Mod Overview==


The goal of Tiberian Dusk:Evolution is to expand the possible playable sides to 8, and give the player non-playable sides whose buildings can be captured during single player or multiplayer missions. It is designed so that there is no easy way to defeat each side, so that you actually have to think about defence, where your credits are coming from, and what everyone else is doing.


There will be many new units, as well as some old ones. Sides that have before only been pawns will become fully-fledged teams, such as the ravaged Forgotten and the ruthless dual entity CABAL/Kane. All of your old favourites will be there as well, including units like the Titan, Wolverine, Tick Tank and Devil's Tongue Flame Tank.


Some of the main features include:

Six new sides;

Two non-playable sides;

Tech Buildings;

Tiberium Desert, to replace the snow tileset;

Upgraded Artificial Intelligence that will be smarter than your average n00b; 

Hidden, unique cross-tech units;

New multiplayer maps;

And whole-new single player campaigns.