Tiberian Graveyards - Dethro's Rant

Friday, 25 November 2005: GOD DAMN IT!

This week, my topic of choice is bosses.
Now, I guess that all bosses are like this, but this one really pisses me off. You see, the company that I work for, there's
only two of us, him and me. It started off as a partnership between him and another IT guy, who subsequently had a nervous
breakdown and sold his half to my boss. Maybe I should have recognised WHY he did that....
When I was hired, around July '04, there was 3 of us, him, me, and a salesman Andy. Now, Andy wasn't all the best at sales,
but he was good at screwing the customers, sometimes literally... But, he refused to do the work that Kirt gave him at times,
and when business got harder, he simply stopped doing work, just sat around doing nothing all day. When money became an issue
due to the marketplace driving us cheaper and cheaper, he was the first to go.
Now, I know that the only reason I was kept was because I actually did my job, frequently, and put in the hours that was
needed. Mainly because this is my first job, and I didn't want to lose it. Also because I was the only one here who knew how
to do half the stuff, mainly because neither of them paid any real attention to what I was doing.
Ever since then, the work has been getting harder and harder. I'm still on permanent casual status, which means that I get
bad wages. On top of that, I don't get paid for the overtime that I do, nor do I get paid if I have a sick day (although
sometimes, VERY rarely, he pays me for the sick days anyway). In total, After all the double, triple time pay that I should
have been getting, in addition to holiday pay and hazard pay, I'd probably be earning double what I earn now, not including
all of the time that I should be getting, the 4 weeks of holidays I should get each year, and everything else.... It just
really shits me. Not to mention the fact that I'm getting paid BELOW my age category...
Not only that, but this year, the FIRST year I have had to do tax, he only got me the group certificate over a month late, so
I don't know how much money I'm going to get back now.

And the past few months have been really bad. My current GF is pregnant, which is putting stress on me (even though it isn't
mine, long story, she was pregnant before we hooked up and I knew it), and he doesn't even know it, because I haven't told
Now, we've been working harder and harder, he's been overbooking me so that I'm trying to do everything at once, and the fact
is, anyone else would have quit by now. But because I'm such a bloody nice person, I haven't, because I know that if I quit,
the company would collapse. Pure and simple. Because I know so much, I am doing so much, that if I wasn't here to do it all,
there would be no more work.

Now, I get up at 6am in the morning (when I can drag my sorry carcasse up), to catch a bus at 7 to get to work by 8. Sounds
fun, eh?
So far this week, I've worked Monday from 8am-5pm, Tuesday from 8am-8pm, Wednesday from 9am-midnight, Thursday from 8am-7pm,
and now on friday, when I woke up at 9pm, I've been told that we have to do YET ANOTHER F**KING LATE JOB!
Now, this is all his bloody fault, since I have to do all the work, and each time, he just keeps saying, "yeah, sure, we can
do that by then". Well, no we bloody cannot. It's me that has to do it, and each time it just gets harder and harder. It's
like if someone was juggling two balls. Easy enough if you know how. Then you have someone else who just keeps throwing more
and more balls at this person. Now, this person, for a while, may be able to keep all the balls in the air, but sooner or
later, the balls will fall, and things will be lost. That's whats happening. He just keeps throwing more and more at me, and
less and less gets finished because of it.

And tonight is the final f**king straw. I NEED to relax this weekend. I'm already heading to a site on sunday to fix
something up, near my home at least. And on friday nights, and I've made clear to him innumerable times too, I relax with my
brother and friends, we sit back, unwind, play a few games, and just R.E.L.A.X!
But no, now I have to work into the bloody night. And the thing is, he just won't listen when I tell him that it cannot be
done. I'm bone tired, and he hands me a drink or bourbon. Yeah, like that'll acheive anything except me falling asleep for
the next two days because of my fatigue. He seems to think that I'll be able to do anything, no matter how many times I tell
him that it can be done, just not now.

I swear I'm this close to breaking down...

God Damn It.